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由gta5igrac編輯: 12/20/2022 1:36:45 AM

lightfall linear nerfs, bungie pls come to your senses

linears are the only usable heavy for dps. heavy ammo drop rates needs to be fixed/buffed. linears are good because of triple tap/fttc. buff ammo drops or something, having 0 heavy and 0 special while primary weapons are the worst for MULTIPLE dps phases is not fun, while ammo drops are nonexistent. with spire of watcher dungeon bosses health so beefy you need 6-8 dps phase, that's not balance. that's trying to compensate for difficulty that doesn't need balancing. duality dungeon boss can be done in 3 phase or less. yes used well, cataclymic bait and switch, tether and dps was so bad on the boss, takes too many dps phases. the master boss is full of overload champions that are impossible to kill, because they ignore the constant stun and instantly heal back up, just gave up on this dungeon, no hopes for it. a dungeon boss should have the max limit of 3 phase to kill, not 10+. linears are at good place, bring other weapons up to the same level, not above them.



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