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由DayneTreader編輯: 8/12/2022 5:10:16 AM

Solstice too grindy this year

This year's Solstice was way too grindy. I shouldn't have to do dozens of each event when I only have an hour or so a day to play. If the triumphs are to earn silver leaves then each leaf should have counted towards the triumph, not the completions of the events that give them. Example: I can get 5 leaves from a PvP match yet my triumph only went up 1. That takes way too long given an elimination match takes up to 10 minutes and I have to do a hundred of other things for other triumphs that take even longer. Don't bother replying as I have now muted my notifications for this app. I've ignored many of you already and now all of you will be ignored.



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