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Destiny 2

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7/13/2019 12:30:28 AM

Death of the Menagerie

I have always had issues with the lack of match making in Destiny. Then the Menagerie came along. With it came the opportunity for great rewards. True to form Bungie kills the ability to open multiple chest. Why? What did it hurt? Nothing. It hurt nothing but it did make the Menagerie fun, worth doing. Tell me why do people waste so much of their lives playing, because it's fun, because they are rewards. Great job taking a huge chunk of fun and reward out of Destiny Bungie. Personally l'm done. I have stopped playing Destiny. I will not purchase the expansion. There are other issue like the lack of match making for raids and the nerfing armer and weapons. Only take one more straw to break the camel's back. Bungie, did you hear that snap?

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