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2 immersive ideas for Destiny II

Hello! I had recently come up with two ideas for Destiny II and I'd really like to share them both. I've listed them below and have tried to explain them as in depth as possible. c: A quick note, these ideas are aimed to add immersion and character development, as well as adding a new coat of cinematic experience. I feel they'd be original, unique ideas that would dramatically add to story and depth. [u]1) Strike/Raid/Story/Activity cutscenes -[/u] Small 10-30sec (skippable) cutscenes that are dynamically arranged depending on players' race, sex and class. Scripted cutscenes that trigger upon certain objectives. The cutscenes are differentiated depending on the character's appearance and factors. The small cutscenes would be as in-depth as the original Destiny's, facial close-ups, panning cameras etc. Example: Player 1/Human Titan: "This looks like the location." Ghost: "Well, let's get to it." (Optional, depending on how many are in the lobby) Player 2/Exo Hunter: "Roger that, come on!" [u]2) Player Dialogue Boxes[/u] Pop-Up menus, easily accessible, useful for Strikes or Raids. Orders, updates or other forms of scripted dialogue. Examples include "I'm attacking the objective", "Going for a long-range approach", "Affirmative!" etc. Hope you like them. Thanks!

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