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12/25/2014 4:13:28 PM

Dynamic Weather featuring your friend, love him or hate him RNGesus

Yes add RNGesus weather


Yes add static weather in certain areas


No leave the planets as lifeless voids


So since Bungie lives and dies by RNGesus i thought it would be a great idea for them to develop and implement a rngesus based weather system. Earth: Light snow all the way up to a blizzard. Any time of day or night would be wonderful and the severity of the weather should not only change visibility but accumulate on the ground and on surfaces. Mars: Sandstorms that are light all the way up to blinding. this should effect nade throwing distance and ability to hit long range shots. it should also help you move without being seen. Venus: Light rain all the way up to monsoons. This weather should create pools of water or even rivers. Odd rain, this rain would be acidic and guardians and npcs alike must take cover. would only last about 30-60 seconds but your health would slowly drop if you stayed in it. this would change game play drastically because now you AND the npcs are headed for the nearest cave and it will be a death match in caves occupied by both parties. Moon: every weather pattern appears randomly on the moon, snow, moondust storms, rain... it all happens and when it does vex and cabal show up on the moon. Thoughts?

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