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Game-Chat Ruined by Volume Problems

One of my favorite parts of Destiny is probably one of the most over looked features of the game. Destiny's game-chat. Destiny's game-chat is one of the first ever games to introduce proximity based chat with an incredible amount of dynamic styles as to how you communicate with others in game. It provides sound effects to one's voice depending on the environment around them and the distance from which they are from their fireteam. For example, Say you were in a cave with your buddy; the game would play back your friend's voice with an added cave sound effect that sounds as if it is actually coming from the direction of their position. While the environment chat is amazing, the proximity chat is incredibly dynamic and adds tons of immersion when combined with environment chat. When talking to a friend from anywhere lets say around 50 meters, you can here their voice clearly but in the location of where they are. However, any point beyond 50 meters and they sound like they are talking through a walkie-talkie but not in a manner where its impossible to understand but in a manner where it feels right. All of this is a fantastic addition to Destiny but sadly it is overshadowed by one major problem. There are no volume sliders to customize the volume of certain levels of the game. Why is this a problem you ask when all you have to do is adjust the voice chat slier on your headset? Well you see, the dynamic chat is only noticeable if you play it through your speakers. If you set the settings to headset only all of the features of dynamic voice chat are gone and its as if you are in a normal party. Now as I see the intention in that option; allowing players to choose if they want the dynamic chat on or not, that doesn't seem to be the main issue. The main issue comes in when the game itself overshadows player's voices by being substantially louder than the people talking, which prevents people from being able to talk during a firefight or even just when the music gets intense. I'll be playing with a few friends in game-chat because we all love the dynamic chat system but then our enjoyment in it is ruined when we cannot hear each other because of the poor optimization in sound and lack of volume sliders given in the game. Obviously this can be easily fixed by adding the option of adjusting certain levels of volume for the game. If it ends up being too much of a hassle the most Bungie could do is make one slider for the game's master volume, and another for voice chat in general. While this post may be overlooked by Bungie, I genuinely hope that they end up looking into this as this could be a negative turning point for others. But all we can do now is wait and hope that this issues gets fixed for full release.

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