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Idea for Destiny CGI Advertisement

This scene is meant to recreate an example of unexpected World PvP, PvE, and Dynamic Events in Destiny, based on the CGI used in previous advertisements provided by Bungie. The goal of the advertisement would be to draw people's attention to the many different aspects of the game, and show how you will meet up with (or against) other players in the "Wild". The scene also incorporates all of the classes represented so far, as well as some of their "special abilities". The potential market for this advertisement would be the average gamer who may not stay up-to-date on Destiny, whether they have played any previous Bungie games or not, and also the new or old gamer who is looking for a new adventure to take. The idea here is that anything can happen while you are in the "Wild", and you will experience all of these crazy situations and more if you play the game. The setting is in a dense rain forest in Northern Guatemala, near the Mayan ruins of Tikal. Extremely overgrown due to the climate and inactivity, the wildlife thrives among the many plants and moss covering the ground. The ruins hold ancient treasures and secrets long lost to the wars of old. The scene starts with a Hunter slowly making his way through the jungle to the edge of a ridge, looking down sights to view the Ruins of Tikal in the valley below. Looking through his scope reveals a group of Fallen guarding the ruins, with a large weapons cache being carried towards the bottom of the Tikal Temple steps. The Hunter waves to the rest of his fire team, a Warlock and a Titan, who begin their descent down the cliff towards the valley and the gathering Fallen forces. The view switches to that of the Fallen, a patrol group of about 15 who are walking along a path towards the Tikal Temple. Talking among themselves in an unknown language, the Fallen Captain suddenly halts and barks out orders. Everything is silent while the captain sniffs the air, when suddenly the ring of a sniper rifle echoes out across the valley. As the Fallen Captain's dead body hits the floor, the Titan and Warlock unleash their full force on the rest of the patrol. Flying 15 ft. in the air and landing on the path in the middle of the Fallen patrol, the Titan demolishes the ground around him and sends half of the patrol flying. The Warlock breaks out his heavy machine gun and mows down another 5 Fallen grunts, while simultaneously shooting blasts of arcane energy from his palm. With the patrol eliminated the Fire Team rushes towards the main group of Fallen, protecting the weapons cache at the steps of the Tikal Temple. As they continue to attack, they realize that another assault is coming from the opposite side of the jungle towards the Temple. Another Fire Team is pursuing the same weapons cache. When the last of the Fallen begin to be vaporized by gunfire and energy blasts, the two groups are faced with a new challenge: getting to the cache first. The Titan from the original Fire Team raises his shield to block the revolver rounds of the opposing Hunter. The Hunter from the original group runs for cover, jumping over the corpses of the Fallen to finally come behind a large stone block where he reloads his sniper rifle. Both Warlocks run towards the weapons caches in a drastic attempt to retrieve the loot. As the original Fire Team Warlock arrives, he places his hand on the edge of the large container, and is greeted by a foot standing on the same box. The two Warlocks face each other, and each begin charging a Nova Bomb in their right hand. The balls of energy in each of their hands begins to grow and gain power, when suddenly a crack in the air is heard behind them. In the distance at the top of the Tikal Temple, a monstrous Fallen begins to emerge. Above him in the air a large Fallen drop ship warps into the sky, and troops begin to pour down the Tikal Temple steps. The Warlocks look at each other and nod, as if to say "this fight will wait for another day". Both Fire Teams charge the Temple, united as one. The scene ends with the two Warlocks jumping into the air and letting loose a Nova bomb into the horde of oncoming Fallen. The screen goes black and displays the "Destiny Logo" as well as the "Bungie Logo". After the credits a message appears saying "What's your Destiny? Find out today at". I thank you greatly for reading my post, and would appreciate any feedback on the story line of my advertisement idea or any other feedback you would be willing to give. I have a few other CGI advertisement ideas for Bungie to use and will be posting them at a later date. I hope for the possibility of at least some of my ideas to be incorporated in the advertising and marketing of this wonderful game we call DESTINY! Jernst Reborn

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