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Get a feel for Destiny

I for one have played many many (too many) games in my day. Due to this fact and the fact that I'm addicted to researching all information about Destiny, I have come to the conclusion that Destiny will feel pretty much like a combination of a few very good games that I have spent a lot of time playing. If you literally can't wait for Destiny and are searching for something to do, go play these games! 1: Guild Wars 2 This game I feel is the most relevant in many aspects. First off the dynamics events in this game are incredible. There are large ones, small ones, random ones, daily ones, and almost all of them have chain events linked to them. This means that the outcome of one section of an event changes the next chain in that dynamic event or others around it. Hopefully we can look forward to something like this happening in Destiny; e.g. if all fire teams are defeated in a Fallen invasion the Fallen then conquer the are and it has to be taken back etc.... The game is mostly a free-roam world, having only to load the next zone when travelling to different sections of the world. Also the player skills and traits themselves, mainly no dps/tank/healer classes. This allows players and groups to not rely solely on having a certain group makeup. Also, as we have heard in Destiny, each player will have their own equal contribution to the action. Another thing this MMO allows is rolling out of the way to dodge attacks. We have already seen in Destiny that you can jump, dive or slide out of the way of attacks which will help make the feel of the game more so of an FPS. There are 3 major factions in which you need to earn reputation with to gain access to, probably the same situation as the Vanguard in Destiny. The PUBLIC VS. PRIVATE AREAS has been a big debate and i'd say if you are looking for answers to your questions hop in this game. Story areas are private or can be accessed by your own squad, dungeons are separate from the rest of the world, and players who are much higher than you are knocked down to your level when in the same locations. I would say throw this game into the future a couple thousand years, make it an FPS and we are looking at a Beta Destiny (or something along those lines). 2. Borderlands 2 Again this one has many similar attributes as far as player customization. There are different talent trees for each character that can be customized to your own playing style. Also with customizing weapons and gear, this brings you that much closer to putting all of your Glimmer into that Thunderlord ;) I also feel graphically the weapons and scenery will be somewhat similar, as well as the FPS play style of the game. The really increased the AI from the original Borderlands also, and I hope Bungie can take that AI over the edge for Destiny and give us some really dynamically smart enemies. 3. Star Wars: The Old Republic I played this game for a while and loved it....until I maxed out my characters and was sadly bored. The story line is customized for your own character, as if the fate of the galaxy was in your hands. I know the Destiny story line will be just as rich and fulfilling, as well as put your character deep in his role as guardian of the last city. This is a sort of free-roam/loading zone mix, because although most of the land in each planet is free roam, when transitioning into some sections you will have a loading screen before entering. As far as leveling and owning ships/land speeders for Destiny goes, I don't think anything will come closer than this game. You can own multiple personal speeders as you gain levels, and also a personal ship that has storage facilities for your character as well as houses your companions and robots. The enemies in this game also remind me of the types of things you will find out in "The Wild" in Destiny, however their AI lacks a little luster. This game also offers multiple armor and weapon customization's that are very fun and creative (although I like what i've seen so far in Destiny better). Overall its a fun game and brings you to many amazing landscapes and planets that are beautifully crafted. This also has a lot of space flight combat so for those of you hoping Destiny will offer this, make sure you check it out on SWTOR! 4. Halo CE through 3 Last but indeed not least......If you are highly anticipating this game and have not completed Legendary campaign on Halo CE through Halo 3, what the hell are you doing with your lives??? Bungie has previously crafted arguably the greatest series of FPS's ever, and if you have not fully immersed yourself into each one, then you are truly missing out. These games and especially the campaigns will give you an idea of the rich story line that we can look forward to in the Destiny Universe. Along with Marty's godly music, the alien scenery and landscapes come to life right before your eyes, and you are plunged within a deep fight for humanity's survival, something we all will be more acquainted with in 2014 (hopefully not too late in the year). Before I end this, I am not writing this post to say that Bungie stole any of these ideas from other developers or to tell you this is exactly how the game is going to be, I am just informing you of other games that use the same or similar strategies, technical aspects, game play styles and leveling systems. Thanks for reading and I hope that these games may help answer some of your questions for the developers, or even give you more intriguing ones to ask! :)

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