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I must reevaluate my list of favorite shows

Good evening everybody! This is Aifos coming to you alive from Mewni! As many of you probably know, I usually list Steven Universe as my favorite TV show. However, recently, after having just finished a new TV show, I have decided that is no longer true. So, I have decided to remake a list of my favorite shows, and have decided to share. So, without further adieu; 1. The Owl House [spoiler]When I started The Owl House, I never expected it to be as good as it was. I was expecting it to be good, but dang did it blow my expectations out of the water. I love everything about this show, the world it takes place in, the story it tells, the characters, and the relationship between the main character and their love interest who I'm not naming for spoiler's sake is probably the most invested I've ever been in a romance plot. This show was just genuinely great. I loved every minute of it. Favorite character: Amity Favorite episode: Reaching Out[/spoiler] 2. Steven Universe [spoiler]As previously mentioned, Steven Universe was my favorite show for quite a while. This is another show that I love everything about, and honestly it's trailing so closely behind The Owl House that it wouldn't be unreasonable to say they're tied. The Owl House only edges out very, very slightly. The characters are great, the story is great, the world is great, SU is just great. Unfortunately, SU hits some pacing issues near the end, and Aquamarine was cheated out of her role as a big villain [i]twice[/i], which is why I think it lags a little behind The Owl House. Favorite character: Spinel Favorite episode: The Movie. That counts, right?[/spoiler] 3. Hilda [spoiler]Hilda was such a cute show. It's one of the only shows I ever decided to break my usual anti-streaming service attitude to watch. The characters and story are so charming, and while there's no big world-ending threat like most of the rest of the shows, not every show needs that. This show is perfect for just curling up in bed and relaxing to. Or at least it would, except I can't watch shows while laying down because I wear glasses! It's a shame it's only on Netflix, or I'd love to rewatch this thing. Favorite character: Hilda Favorite episode: I don't know, I can't check 'cause I don't have Netflix. >:T[/spoiler] 4. Star vs the Forces of Evil [spoiler]Whether this was above or below the next entry on the list was a very tough choice. I just barely finished this show, so it may be getting boosted a little bit by recency bias, but in any case, this show completely blew my expectations out of the water. I was expecting something simple and funny, but man the best parts of this story rivaled The Owl House. Season 2 was the best, and if the whole show was as good as Season 2 then it would probably have taken second place, even beating out Steven Universe, but even as is it is still very good. I'm kind of sad that it's over, tbh. I want to keep binge watching it some more. Favorite character: Star Favorite episode: Mewberty[/spoiler] 5. Avatar the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra [spoiler]Nobody needs me to explain why these shows are good. Everyone knows they're good. Great story, great characters, fun world, all that fun jazz. Favorite character: Toph Favorite episode: The Beach[/spoiler] 6. My Life as a Teenage Robot [spoiler]MLAATR is probably the show that takes itself the least seriously on this list. There's no real plot to MLAATR, and it's really only there to make you laugh. The lack of any real plot is why it's so low down on the list--it's hard for a show that's just trying to be funny to compare to one that actually has something to say, but it's actually impressive that MLAATR is so close to the top without a plot. It's just that hilarious. Every single episode is really funny. Favorite character: Jenny Favorite episode: Turncoat[/spoiler] 7. Either Infinity Train or Gravity Falls [spoiler]These might actually just be tied for 7th. Infinity Train would probably be higher, but I really don't like season 3, and it leaves on a cliffhanger which both drag it down. Favorite character: Lake Favorite episode: The Number Car Gravity Falls is fine. It's good fun, and I very much enjoy it. It's just not quite as good as these other shows. Favorite character: Mabel Favorite episode: I don't actually remember. It's been a while.[/spoiler] That is all. Feel free to list your own favorite shows, or comment on mine, or give me recommendations or whatevers. But that's all for now folks! Jambuhbye! [url=]Now roll credits![/url]

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