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6/13/2024 11:00:24 AM

Final Shape causes full PC shutdown? - high end build, no thermal issues.

I've happily enjoyed playing games on Ultra settings on my high-end PC without issues, Destiny 2 included (well, besides the typical bungie error codes every now and again) .. but as of Monday, I have repeatedly run into an issues where playing Destiny 2 will sporadically cause my entire computer to shut off without warning -- it just *poof* everything's off and I have to cycle the PSU to turn it back on. I honestly thought it was a thermal issue, but . . I'm not sure what has changed (other than Final Shape), but my water-cooled RTX 4090 and AMD7950X have never had issues running this or any other game -- I've stress-tested the PC and even updated BIOS (which, I frankly never do because if it ain't broke ...). All drivers are up to date and even the Windows 11 version is up to date. Other demanding games run just fine still. I'm frankly at a loss here, and I'm quickly running out of ideas on what to test. Steam verified the file integrity of all installed D2 files .. is the infamous memory leak back? Could that lead to a shutdown? It happens sporadically ... sometimes a whole 45 minutes go by, sometimes it's 10 minutes after the last unexpected PC shutdown. Looking forward to hearing any thoughts/ideas . .

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