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The Final Shape + Episode: Echoes Issues & Vital Info – Update 07/12/24

[quote][b][u]DISCLAIMER[/u][/b] [b]This is not a complete list of all known issues, but a targeted list of specific issues.[/b][/quote] [i]Last Updated: July 12, 2024[/i] --- [b]VITAL INFORMATION[/b] [quote] [b][i]The following callouts contain important information that players should be aware of before logging in to Destiny 2.[/i][/b] [spoiler] • When launching into the first campaign mission of The Final Shape, players will see the "Normal" difficulty permanently displayed above the launch button. This can be disregarded, as [b]mission difficulty selection will only occur after the mission has been launched.[/b] • Changing the platform setting " [b]Others can communicate w/ voice, text, or invites[/b] " does not take effect until the game has been restarted. • Players running Destiny with an [b]integrated graphics card[/b] may encounter gameplay performance issues if the integrated graphics card does not meet the minimum required PC specs. • Laptops with Intel 12th generation Iris integrated graphics may crash in high-demand environments. Players can mitigate these crashes by ensuring Windows 10 is set to use only [b]discrete graphics[/b] when running Destiny 2 via Windows->Settings->Graphics Settings, and selecting "High Performance" for Destiny 2. • Players using the PlayStation 4 version of Destiny 2 who see [b]BOAR errors[/b] should ensure that they have successfully downloaded the necessary Compatibility Files prior to entering the game. • [b]Season Passes[/b] will be applied to the first account that signs in. If you plan to Cross Save but will use another character set, it's recommended to set up Cross Save before logging in. For more information, click here. • The [b]"Solo Legendary Lost Sectors" Guardian Rank objective[/b] can be completed with both Master and Legendary Lost Sectors. • The [b]Powerful Friends and Radiant Light armor mods[/b] require at least 1 armor charge to activate. • To access [b]Iron Banner[/b], players must reach Guardian Rank 4, complete the Crucible introductory quest, then speak to Lord Saladin and complete the Iron Banner introductory quest. • Epic Games Store players receiving [b]"Time Skew Maxed" and RUTABEGA errors[/b] may need to [url=]update their launcher[/url]. If this doesn't help, players may have to press the Escape Key repeatedly after selecting a character to skip the opening cinematic. [/spoiler] • [url=]Destiny 2 Year 7 Known Issues article[/url] [/quote] [b][u]TOP ISSUES BEING INVESTIGATED[/u][/b] [u]GENERAL[/u] [quote] • Some players are persistently experiencing a [b]Subclass unlocked pop up[/b] after already unlocking all subclasses. • Focusing [b]Echo Armor Engrams[/b] at Failsafe without having any armor unlocked in Collections awards nothing while consuming the engram. • The [b]Dread faction[/b] do not reward experience and glimmer when defeated. • Warlocks are gaining less [b]vendor reputation[/b] than Titans and Hunters. • [b]Xur's Strange Favor buff[/b] only applies to the character it was claimed on. • [b]Lighting sometimes flickers[/b] in The Landing area of the Pale Heart. • Players progressing through The Final Shape campaign [b]in a fireteam[/b] should avoid joining missions in-progress or swapping characters during the campaign to ensure progress is correctly recorded. [/quote] [u]ERROR CODES[/u] [quote] [/quote] [u]PC[/u] [quote] [/quote] [u]CONSOLE[/u] [quote] [/quote] [u]ABILITIES[/u] [quote] • The sliding enhancement from the [b]Cryoclasm Aspect[/b] can stop functioning when sprinting through the end of the ability cooldown. • Gunpowder Gambit does not proc the [b]Facets of Mending healing effect[/b] for the Hunter Prismatic subclass. • Gunpowder Gambit does not proc the [b]Adrenaline Junkie weapon perk[/b] for the Hunter Prismatic subclass. • [b]Threadlings summoned by Phoenix Dive[/b] won't attach to a player when no enemies are nearby. • [b]Consecration's slam attack[/b] doesn't shatter Stasis Crystals. • [b]Diamond Lance[/b] does not shatter Stasis crystals. • Activating Prismatic Hunter's [b]Blink Dagger super[/b] while mid-Grapple causes the player to fall. • The ability description for the [b]Hunter Arc Staff super[/b] does not mention that the three-attack combo or ground slam attack applies Blind. • When Warlocks pick up a [b]Stasis Shard with the Glacial Harvest aspect[/b] equipped, they will not be granted healing. • The [b]Berserker's Bladefury super[/b] does not consistently apply Woven Mail to allies on super cast when combined with Into The Fray aspect. • Chaos Reach does not apply [b]Jolt[/b] at higher frame rates. [/quote] [u]ITEMS AND WEAPONS[/u] [quote] • The [b]Tracking Module weapon perk[/b] on Hothead (Adept) rocket launcher cannot be reselected. • The Trials Rank 10 reputation reward, the [b]Aisha's Care pulse rifle[/b], can't be claimed from Osiris. • Reprised Trials weapons do not count towards the [b]Trials collection badge[/b]. • The [b]Two-Tailed Fox exotic Rocket Launcher[/b] does not benefit from elemental weapon surge armor mods. • The [b]Salvation's Edge carries emblem[/b] is not accurately counting carries. • Players may experience a crash when attempting to [b]reshape a weapon that is no longer present in their inventory[/b]. This can be resolved by beginning a craft of a new weapon then backing out. • Due to an issue, the [b]ability to swap weapon perks via the API[/b] has been disabled. • The description for the [b]Deconstruct perk[/b] does not reflect the recent change made in Update Deconstruct now refills ammos from reserves. • Some [b]old seasonal currencies and items[/b] from Seasons 20-23 were not automatically removed. [/quote] [u]QUESTS AND TRIUMPHS[/u] [quote] • The [b]Transcendent title[/b] does not grant progress toward the Guardian Rank objectives to earn titles. • Pvp double kills do not progress the [b]Triangulation pathfinder challenge[/b]. • The new Iron Banner weapons are not counting towards the [b]Orimund's Taste triumph[/b]. • The [b]Decathlete triumph[/b] is not progressing when completing certain Crucible modes. • [b]Favor of the Nine buffs[/b] are unintentionally taking up space in the Quest and Bounty inventory. • Players can sometimes still get [b]Pathfinder sets[/b] that do not have a non-PvP path to completion. • Step 5 of the [b]Heart's Depth quest[/b] states to kill enemies and complete public events on the Pale Heart, but there are no public events on the destination. [/quote] [u]ACTIVITIES[/u] [quote] • Players with a [b]Passage of Ferocity[/b] can become locked out of Trials of Osiris after three losses when exiting quickly after the match, requiring a card reset before they can launch into the activity again. • Raid teams who have completed the [b]Salvation's Edge raid on Master[/b] or have completed the [b]Salvation's Edge raid without hard wiping[/b] in a single session are unable to claim the Monolithic Memento. • Enemy moths in [b]Moth Infested Cavern Cyst[/b] aren't being targeted by tracking abilities or weapons. • In the [b]Dissipation encounter in the Salvation's Edge raid[/b], the boss will not announce when it is becoming enraged. • To prevent players from missing important story beats, we've temporarily disabled the ability to [b]Join In Progress in the Liminality strike[/b]. • Players cannot adjust the respawn timer in a [b]private Crucible match[/b] while in a fireteam. [/quote]

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