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A Sleepless Night showed up at my porch

At first I turned it away, but eh, after awhile I let him stay. There was something so sad about the little guy that you just had to cry. Who knew what tragedies and pondering lay behind its gaze, what quandaries answered like a bird's eye view of a corn maze that we call life, spinning strife and woe to and fro until we've all fallen down with narry an untarnished crown in sight; but oh well, who needs to sleep at night when they can unceasingly live not fearing to give or take, accelerating entropy in its wake or giving rise to new birth, born in innocent mirth and frustrating philosophers who would call such a taboo, spitting on it for not what it is but what it's got, for they can never seem to know why winds of fortune blow one way or the other or why nature is a mother when she kills and grills and lets her children writhe under the scythe. Anyways, I just wanted to say in a roundabout, poetic way, That I need some education about my current situation. What should I do with it? Can I keep it? It seems none are in search of it...

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