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5/23/2024 6:09:09 PM

Invidia™ | Small Community For Hardcore Destiny Players

[u][b]Invidia™ | Small Community For Hardcore Destiny Players [/b][/u] [i]Invidia™ is a Community for PVP and PVE Veterans, based in US or EU. We have created a small community of great players who can actively get involved in Clan Raids, Master Raid, Challenge's, Trio Runs, Flawless Raids, GMs, Survival and Trials of Osiris. We Limit our Clan to approx 50 Guardians at once to allow a more inclusive group [/i] [b]we are now looking to recruit more players to the community[/b] You can join Invidia™ under PVP or PVE roles which you can designate yourself on our discord Requirement's to join: -Be Active -Have All Destiny DLC's -18+ -Up vote post -Knowledge of the game -Join Clan [url][/url] -Join Discord - Discord Link will be sent to new members once you have joined the clan [b]If you have any questions feel feel to DM any admins.[/b] -------------- [quote]Relax Guardian! You're scaring them! They'll never want to match with you again! - Shaxx[/quote]

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