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I'll just post a link to the story as a google document, I can't be bothered to shorten it up or cut it into comments. I'll put it straight, in a bit of a creative rut. Been super melancholic after a recent wisdom tooth surgery, and while it shouldn't be such a big deal, my whole world feels greyed out and dull. Maybe it's the pain meds, huh? I had some words I was gonna share about the story. It might be pretty low-quality, I honestly am not sure if it's up to par with what I'd like to be sharing. I realize now that the story, since it was written partly as a way to vent my frustrations, has a level of cursing that might make Vivziepop blush (If you don't get the joke, don't worry about it.) Sorry in advance, if that kinda -blam!- puts you off. I'm mostly posting this as a method to try and shatter that creative block that keeps all my writing sounding dull. We'll see how well this works out. If you catch me working on the document while reading, note that the email I'm using is mostly an alt with an random name, not my actual, real life name. I'm stupid, not dumb. [url=]Here's the link. Play nice.[/url]

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