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5/16/2024 11:12:14 PM

Legit Gamers For Life Clan Recuitment

Are you tired of toxic clans? Tired of clan leaders demanding you know every aspect of the game? Well so were we. Legit Gamers For Life is recruiting for new chill active players for the Finale Shape expansion. We are NOT an elitist clan. If that's what you are looking for this isn't it. We play to have fun and try to complete everything we can. We are a 18+ US mostly clan. Most of us have families and responsibilities outside video games so we understand if you cant make it for an activity. No pressure here. We have members ranging from new lights to speed runners. Most of us also enjoy PVP from time to time. Some of us have 300+ raid clears. Everyone that agrees to join our clan agrees to not be toxic and just enjoy the game. This is a no drama clan that works together. Anyone being disrespectful to other clan members will be removed. We have a clan discord with access to other discords also. We are needing more active members for new content. We can communicate through the bungie website or discord which ever one you are comfortable with. If you are interested in joining our group send me a message on here and we can give you a shot. If you do not like it here that's ok. No hard feelings and you can still play with all the great people in discord.

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