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Modifié par Hippo : 4/17/2024 9:20:12 PM

Turn off the censorship

Yes, I'm mature enough to make my own decision.


Im scared of naughty words, I need an adult.


UPDATE: Apparently putting a space before the sentence completely bypasses the filter, here's a video showing how stupid this is in action The censored words by the way were "Ty Stan", I wanted to thank a fellow guardian for helping me and your stupid censor bot deemed "Ty" and "Stan" as offensive words, Stan was his actual guardian name so if that's offensive how did it pass the checks on your website, please explain the logic here. This is a game thats Teen plus not for preschoolers, the option to censor chat (the mature filter option) worked perfectly fine if you chose to enable it, the fact you cant even thank people now is a joke, never mind you actually cant mention boss names or mechanics either, literally thanking a guardian is now offensive too. Turn it off, let everyone actually have the choice to enable it or not, simple.

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