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Help me find a new game, Offtopic

Good evening everybody, this is Aifos coming to you alive from *the screen turns to white noise and static as Aifos says where he is, before returning to normal*, and I'm here on a search! Yes, I need a new video game, but I need a new video game for a very specific purpose! So, here's the dealio, at work I mostly work on a computer. I have one specific task at work where my computer gets locked down for extended periods of time, and during that time there's not a lot for me to do. Sometimes I'll try to write during this time, but other times I'll play on my Switch. Up until recently, my go-to game here was Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, but just recently I 100% the game, and there's not a lot for me to do. So, I need something new. However, this game needs to fill a few criteria: 1. Relatively short play sessions. I won't be sitting down to play this game for hours at a time. An average play session should be around 20-30 minutes. Games with long stretches in between save points are a no-go, and ideally any given level in the game is either this length or shorter. 2. It needs to be a game I can drop on a moment's notice. Anything where I'm not allowed to pause is also disqualified, and again, anything with long cutscenes is out. I'll be playing this while my computer's locked down, but also while I'm still on the clock, so if something does come up, I need to be able to stop playing and take care of it. 3. Relatively long overall playtime. Despite having shorter play sessions, I need a game that will last quite a while. This can be a Roguelike kind of thing, or a game that has a decent amount of grinding (as long as said grinding is optional). 4. Nothing that requires sound. I'm in an office, so I can't have the sound on. 5. Something relatively cheap. No $60 monies games. It doesn't have to be dirt cheap, but I'd rather not spend that much if I can help it. 6. Nothing online. I'm at work. 7. (optional) Preferably it's not something story-oriented. I want something simple and fun. Games I considered: 1. Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. If you know what you're doing, the shorter dungeons in FFCC are about 10-15 minutes, while the longer ones are about 40 or so. This made the levels fit perfectly into the time frame. Since I was playing on a postgame file, there wasn't a lot of story stuff getting in my way, so I could just play dungeons to my heart's content. The grind isn't super intense, but it is there, and it's fun, so this was great. The problem was just that I 100% the game, and ran out of stuff to do. :p 2. Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin. This game was nicely cut into day and night cycles, and each new day is an easy stopping point. However, same problem as FFCC. I've basically 100% this game, and don't have much to do. 3. Harvestella. Like Sakuna, this has an easy day/night cycle stopping point. However, there's too much story stuff. It's easy to go walk into a side quest, and be pulled into a long dialogue session. Plus I like the music, and don't want to play it muted. 4. Team Kirby Clash. This would actually be the perfect game for this. It's an easy, hop into a battle, fight a boss for a few minutes, hop out. There's grinding to it, but it's not monotonous, because there are special challenges to complete. These levels are timed, so they literally cannot take more than whatever their time limit is, and the strategy for taking out tougher bosses is really fun. The only problem is this game is free to play, with everything that entails. The Kirby Clash games are literally the only F2P Kirby games, and it drives me insane, because they'd be the best spinoffs if they weren't. Anyway, I can't deal with those stamina timers that only let you play a certain amount of matches before you're out. If there's a game like Kirby Clash that's not F2P, though, that would be perfect! 5. Cultist Simulator. This is a fun game about managing cards and timers as you run a cult and do all sorts of eldritch shenanigans. It's simple and fun, no cutscenes or anything like that, it's great. However, the text is too tiny to see when playing the Switch in handheld mode, and the game lacks a certain.. Organization. All your cards are just laid out next to each other, and this can make it easy to get lost if you're only picking it up every now and then. Great when playing frequently, very easy to lose your place if you're not. 6. I've had the vague idea of finding a Roguelike, but I don't know any that work with a good timeframe. Most Roguelikes can last for an hour+ when you git gud at them. So there we go, hopefully that gives you a good idea of what I'm looking for. Help me find a game! [b][u]Tl;dr? Here's my point![/b][/u] I'm looking for a game with a relatively long playtime, but that is also best played in short sessions. Read the full post if you need more details than that. But that's all for now folks! Jambuhbye!

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