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Would anyone be willing to try an FFCC game night?

Good evening everybody! Disclaimers first! Disclaimer 1: [b]I KNOW YOU HAVEN'T PLAYED THIS GAME BEFORE[/b]. That's actually kind of the point. To try something new. If you like it, awesome, if not, no big deal. Disclaimer 2: [b]YOU DO NOT NEED TO OWN THE GAME TO JOIN[/b]. All you need to do is download the demo, and you'll be able to join in on every dungeon. There are some caveats to this, that I'll list below, but if you download the demo, you can join every base game dungeon, no restrictions. You just can't host anything beyond the first 3. Disclaimer 3: [b]This is for PS4 (and PS5?) and Switch only[/b]. This is beyond my control, sadly. The game isn't on Xbox. I don't know if it's on PC. Disclaimer 4: The game is only 4 player. Since I will be one of those players, that means only 3 people can actually participate in any given lobby. If more than 3 people are interested, we can probably figure something out, but only 3 people can join at any given time. Disclaimer 5: I am 27. I don't mind playing with gamers of any age, but if you're, like, 13 or something, and either you or your parents aren't comfortable with you playing online with someone who's 27, bear that in mind. Anyway, let's talk about the game thingie itself! So, I am a little bit obsessed with a game called Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. A few years back, this game got a remaster on the Switch and PS4, and now, after about 600 hours, I am just about to 100% the game. That might seem intense, but bear in mind, my definition of 100%ing the game is also pretty intense, and by most people's definition, what I am actually about to do is 100% the game for the 8th time! And I thought, what better way to celebrate than to start over from scratch? I probably won't be going for 100% this time, but I haven't played a new-new character ever since I first picked up the game on release actual years ago, so it could be fun! And I thought, well if I'm starting from scrach, why not try to see if I can gather up some buddies to start from scratch with me? [b][u]So here's how this would work[/b][/u] I would create a Discord server, and anybody who's interested could join. You would then download the demo for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered, and we would all friend each other in-game. Once we're all friends, I would host a Friends Only lobby, and we would get playing, using Discord for voice chat. We would disband the lobby after every dungeon, and then set it back up, so that we can stop by the town to upgrade gear, and so that I can progress story stuffs. Each game night would likely encompass 3 dungeons. These game nights could be once a week, or once every two weeks, depending on how much of me and/or the game you're able to put up with! Due to the way the game works, there will be repeat dungeons occasionally--i.e. we'll play a dungeon we've already played before--but replaying a dungeon this way bumps up its difficulty, and is part of the intended progression, so it won't just be the same old dungeon as before. Same layout, but stronger baddies, and whatnot. If these game nights go on for long enough (which I don't think they will), and everyone gets into the game enough, we can even start voting on which dungeons to play, rather than me just choosing them. When/if we eventually beat the game, we can still keep these game nights going if everyone wants, as we can still level up our characters and whatnot. If everyone likes the game enough to actually purchase it, we can do postgame stuff, too. Speaking of... [b][u]How the demo works[/b][/u] So, I've said you only need the demo to join, so let me explain how the demo works. When you download the demo, you're able to start up the game, and play through the first 3 dungeons. Pretty standard stuff. However, this only applies to [i]hosting[/i] dungeons. If you're [i]joining[/i] dungeons, then you can actually join [i]any dungeon in the base game[/i]. This means, theoretically, you can beat the entire game with the demo, as long as you have someone to host dungeons for you. Which you do. That's me, I'm hosting dungeons! However, as you might expect being able to play the whole game without paying for it, there are some catches. Your game will consider you to be perpetually within "Year 1", which means you only have access to a portion of the world map. Crucially, this means you'll only have access to the first 2 towns, your hometown and Marr's Pass. Now, you'll have access to a pair of blacksmiths at Marr's Pass, who should be able to make most gear, so I don't think this should be game breaking or anything, but the biggest issue is you'll be unable to reach Shella, meaning you're unable to craft Accessories, which provide some helpful passive effects. Accessories *may* be able to be crafted a different way, but I'm not 100% sure it'll work, so we'll figure that out if we actually get this thing rolling. If we want to make sure everyone's on an even playing field, I have no issues with limiting my own gear to what I can make at Marr's Pass. Also as part of the demo, you're unable to play any postgame content. This isn't a huge deal, I'm not sure these game nights will go long enough to hit the postgame anyway, and if they do that probably means you enjoy the game enough to buy it anyway! You also won't get to see any of the story content, as you're only able to join the dungeons, and with the exception of the final dungeon, story events all take place outside of the dungeons. And finally: [b][u]The Rules[/b][/u] 1. I would prefer we keep language to a minimum. Try not to swear and stuff like that. I'm not going to kick anyone out for swearing or anything, but it'd be nice if we try not to swear too much. 2. The camera will always be focused on a thing called the Chalice. While everyone being able to carry the Chalice is fine, anyone who is consistently and repeatedly doing obnoxious things with it (like picking it up and walking away from the group, or running around with it in a fight) will be kicked out. 3. While you aren't required to speak in a voice chat, it is requested you at least have one up (which should be set up on Discord if I can figure it out), because this game required cooperation and it can be difficult to convey what we need to do using the in-game chat feature. 4. I can add any rules at any time! :D [b][u]Tl;dr? Here's my point![/b][/u] I want to try setting up a game night! We would be playing Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered, and hopefully the game night would be a weekly or a once every two weeks thing. All you would need is a PS4, Switch, and then to download the demo. See details about how the demo works above. We can figure out scheduling once I know who would be willing to give it a shot. If enough people are interested, I'm totally okay doing multiple game nights, if needed. Let me know what y'all think! Is this something anyone would be willing to do? Is this idea stupid? Either way, it was worth a try! :D If you have any questions about how the game night would work, or the game itself, feel free to ask. But that's all for now folks! Jambuhbye!

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