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2/4/2024 10:25:06 PM

French? ancien

Hellas Basin Brewery is actively recruiting guardians! [+21] [NA] [EU]

[b]Hellas Basin Brewery[/b] is currently opening its ranks to those who wish to learn, grow, and hone their skills. New lights, returning lights, and veterans are welcome to apply. We Support all aspects of D2 and have players willing to guide, teach, and critique your progress as you advance through your D2 journey. We only ask that you bring an attitude that allows for growth & positive, active communication. HBB has a dedicated Sherpa program for those looking to learn their first raid, earn raid seals, or gain experience in end-game content. As a member, we value your input and hope you can contribute to the clan as much as we contribute to you. We emphasize growth through engagement in the clan. [b]Expectations/Requirements:[/b] Veterans: Be willing to learn new ways of thinking and potentially help guide new players through their journey. Returning lights: You may have a lot of catching up to do. Ask an Admin or Sherpa what exotics you need first so you can solidly contribute in endgame content. New lights: Be active, engaging, and willing to absorb the knowledge of the sherpas. These people have put in a ton of hours, so please respect that. -Have Discord. This is how we communicate. And you must join to be apart of the clan -Have all DLCs -No Cheese/CP trading (excluding Riven). -Do not engage in LFG without pinging the clan. The clan will not fill for an LFG. We are a very close-knit community -21+ (if you can’t handle adult humor, then this isn’t the place for you) -Have a working microphone If you’re still interested, please head over to our clan page and apply: [b]Once Admitted, a link to our Discord Server can be found in the Clan Chat Page of the D2 app[/b] /DeryanNYC

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