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11/15/2023 3:19:36 PM

Change is recruiting

Hello, if you are looking for a collective of active pve and pvp players then you should consider joining us. PVP REQS: 1.8+ K/d overall 1.6+ in trials Flawless or Glorious title obtained Or- ALTERNATIVE: Play with a few members to see if you’re decent enough & a good fit for the clan. —————————— PVE REQS: 125+ raid clears 1 trio raid clear or flawless raid clear Conquer title obtained Or- ALTERNATIVE: Show members that you are a competent raider by running raids with a select few. ________________________ FINAL REQUIREMENT. Be active & Stay for awhile, we want to talk & play with you as much as you do with us. Must have 2/3 Requirements Any questions feel free to ask!

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