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Modifié par Old, Kell of Age : 10/12/2023 7:18:40 PM

LFC LFG plus a bonus rant.

Re-writing this post because ppl can't read. I DO NOT HAVE DLC NOR DISCORD. PLEASE STOP ASKING ME TO JOIN DISCORD SERVERS FOR RAIDS. I am the bottom of the barrel player looking for other bottom of the barrel players on Xbox, that's XBOX not DISCORD, to casually play some Legend that free-to-play players can play. Not GMNF, or anything like that. End-game content is out of my league as well. I just need a few friends to team up with for light, casual, LDoE and the like. If you want to swell your clan(s) with a body-count, I'm not the one.
#Xbox #Clans

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