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[LUNA] Faction is Looking for Members!! [ALL PLATFORMS][EU/UK/NA]

[LUNA] Faction is Currently Recruiting! Hello all, Aviont here to let you all know we are currently looking for EU/UK and NA members! We are primarily a PvE, casual and chill, and all-inclusive group looking for more of the same. And here is the part where the bullet points come out to highlight what we got! -Discord is a must! As a multiplatform clan, Discord is the best tool for communicating and scheduling things to do with people! We also have Discord chat channels set up to make the process easier. -Like having raids scheduled so people can make time or plan for it in their lives? So do we! We use bots like Charlemagne in the Discord so anyone can make an event and get some people together! -Also got bots that will notify of Vex Incursions on Neomuna as well as info on Daily Lost Sectors and Weekly Nightfalls! -We have a dedicated Raid Sherpa for both the NA and EU community, but are always looking for new people to teach and more Sherpa’s so we can keep things flowing! -We do dabble in some PvP and have a few PvP mains, but got some like me willing to jump in for the fun of it. -And the obvious stuff for clan rules, Don’t be an -blam!-, No politics, No hateful/demeaning comments to clan members. If you have an issue, contact one of the Admins and we will get it set straight. -Most of our members average in their 30’s on age, we got lives, families, work, etc. If you are looking for a place not trying to ram through content and work through the game at a pace that will still get things done while they are fresh, that’s us! Leave a comment below if you would like to join or DM/PM me! Will send out a Discord link then once in we’ll send you the in game clan invite! Per Audacia Ad Astra

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