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Hellas Basin Brewery is seeking endgame focused adults [21+] [crossplay] [discord] [NA, EU]

We at Hellas Basin Brewery are a community of guardians who are focused and engage with everything Destiny 2 has to offer. This encompasses a serious endgame community that is friendly, mature, and gets things done. Our mentality is to experience Destiny 2 as a whole, share this experience with like-minded people, and have a great time doing it. We take pride in the accomplishments of the clan and clanmates, which means we don't take shortcuts, cheese, or checkpoint trade our way to success as it diminishes said achievements. Consequently, this means playing with the clan and actively being part of the community is something that is expected, in order to grow and take your place in Hellas Basin Brewery. If this sounds like a community you want to be a part of and fits your playlist, here is a list of what we expect to see from you as an applicant. [b]Expectations:[/b] - At HBB we focus on building proficiency and experience in every aspect of the game; meaning that we do not allow checkpoint trading or final encounter farming. This is done in favor of building the required skills to complete the challenging activities instead of taking the easy way out. - Cheating and affecting the game in a negative way for others is not tolerated in any shape or form - We are a community-first focus clan. Every member is expected to engage and play with the clan FIRST before using LFG to fill fireteams. -Cheesing the game is discouraged, to ensure our members know how to hold their own and complete activities without exploits. -All members are expected to pull their own weight. We do not carry people through activities, however, we have a robust group of highly experienced sherpas that are willing to teach and help you become better. [b]Requirements:[/b] -You must be 21+ of age -Willing to join and actively contribute to the clan discord (No exceptions) -Purchase the latest Destiny 2 expansion and be endgame ready -Optimistic and friendly attitude towards other players and Destiny as a whole -Treat other members as adults and communicate with them as such -Have a mic to communicate and use for in-game activities. [b]Preferred:[/b] -Experience in Destiny 2 raids, dungeons, and other endgame content as well as the willingness to learn from others in the community. -Interested or experienced in the PvP aspects of Destiny 2: such as trials, competitive pvp and Iron Banner. If you are still interested and this fits your ideals, drop an applicant at our clan page on Once you have applied, an admin will reach out to you via DM on Keep an eye out on your inbox; you will receive relevant information about the clan and a few introductory questions. Once approved, you will be sent an invitation to the clan's private discord server. Here is a link to the clan page [url=][/url]

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