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Modifié par KRoMXiTo : 12/1/2022 10:44:38 AM

The WORST season in destiny history

Title. Not even a final mission. Just nothing. Pathetic. Worst season in destiny’s history. Bungie doesnt even try anymore. [b]All our money is going to their new IP instead of improving Destiny. It is so obvious now!![/b]. Cancelling my lightfall right now. I tired of Bungie laughing at my face. Have a good day everyone. EDIT2: Regarding to some comments i see here, i would like to say [b]anyone can love anyone no matter what. Free love. I dont care about who kisses who. [/b] [b]What i was pointing out in my post is the LACK OF QUALITY CONTENT AND IMPROVEMENTS!! [/b] EDIT: Done, i requested cancellation on steam. I will spend those 100 euro in something better. Good luck to the rest of guardians. This season from december to february will be the last one i will play. It was good experience. But now it is time to move on. Cheers.

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