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Delay Lightfall and Address What Has Been Lost

This is all you need to do. It is not rocket science. Delay Lightfall. Address the core systems in the game. Bring back all the content that has been vaulted as Seasonal Adventures. Combine Nightfalls and Heroic Strikes with Optional Matchmaking. I advocated for SBMM only because I felt you would probably dig back into the PVP vault for all our removed maps. I was wrong and I apologize to the community. However, lobby balancing and core system changes need to be a high priority. There are too many problems to name but since this post is advocating for change to the core systems versus new content, Ill let the community add their measure and views they want or need to keep them ENGAGED into the game. FUN, FUN,STORY,FUN,FUN. We need this more than anything as content versus the lame seasonal model you have. Bring back Menagerie with a spin that incorporates all the best 3-6 man activities. Remove the AE, Slide And Reload nerf changes Do not PUT RUMBLE in a rotation with other modes. It is silly to even consider this. Bring back all the subclass components that were removed or changed. Put Gambit into the planets. Make the Vendors grant missions and side quests for gear. Customize a singular sparrow, ships and ghost designed primarily around Amanda Holiday. Eververse should be used as a means to gain access to previous content that has been rotated out for new content within the current seasons ie cosmetics, ornaments and emotes. This is already a thing somewhat but is used poorly with live events. Live events content should be grind through core systems that are updated and upgraded for the game progression for the future seasons. This game is going to really DIE if you do not put the community first before your own decisions for changes that you feel benefit the community when it truthfully benefits you. LOYALTY is an understatement when describing this community. Last Issue: REMOVE POWER LEVELING AND INCREASE DIFFICULTY WITH OPTIONAL MATCHMAKING AND IN GAME LFG.

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