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publié à l'origine sous : Redrix's Broadsword Quest Steps
Modifié par Enochua : 8/18/2018 3:17:21 AM
IM A GOOOD BOOY replied [quote]As a solo player, this is very doable...resetting valor rank 5 times though seems tedious but still, it doesn’t disadvantage solo players like S3 comp did.[/quote] your reply to him [quote]i didnt say it wasnt doable ive reset my valor rank way over the required times my problem lays with having to play the current comp mode which is straight ass or do a bunch of tedious quests. i should be able to play comp and it be on my individual performance not the team.[/quote] clearly yall are talking a bout BS Jhinzo replied [quote]this is EASY to do for a solo player compared to playing competitive, please stop being ungrateful[/quote] clearly he thought you were talking about BS AeroStar901 [quote] @idlewilde This is definitely doable for solo players[/quote] clearly he was talking about BS [quote]Resentiant @idlewilde Lmaoo you really thought we were gonna get this gun without having a massive grind? Ill do this solo easily and not complain, man up.[/quote] pretty sure they was talking about BS So who do you think was talking about claymore?

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