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Editado por Guardian7466: 1/8/2018 9:33:29 PM

The Exo Stranger is Ana Bray?

The Clovis Bray company made exos right? Ana Bray is listed as dead but may simply be missing and we know she's deeply tied with the Clovis Bray family and company. Perhaps some circumstances required her to leave her guardian body after losing her ghost to some unknown force and the last thing she ever did was transfer her concious into an exo body. She is lost in the mars facility...alone. She feels a presence, yet she also feels a void. A power inside her that seems to be missing yet never the less present. On the table next to herself she sees a body. A human body. Not dead but [i]empty[/i]. As she reaches over to check the body she sees her hand reach out. [i]A machine?[/i]. The cold metal seems to be so familiar, yet so alien. This isn't [i]her[/i] and she knows it. Alongside the two tables are blueprints. Titled [b]Ana Bray[/b]. The blueprint seems to illustrate the human body next to her which seems eerily familiar and a humanoid machine identical in size and proportion to the human. [i]Is that me?Am I Ana Bray?[/i]. She puts two and two together. She [i]is[/i] the human body. But how... What do you guys think? Any thoughts? After this maybe this exo reads up and learns what's going on with this Clovis Bray company, the vex, and the golden age. She then finds a way to replicate vex tech to evade weaponized frames and begins to travel across time and runs into Osiris at one point or another.

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