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Becoming a Destiny 2 Clan

Much has been said about the vital role that Clans will play in Destiny 2. The special teams that are bound to the player experience will serve as the backbone of a new community. Clans will continue to unite like-minded players around common goals, turning new allies into old friends. As we embark on this new campaign together, Clans will also guide every player (even those lone wolves) to victory over the most powerful enemies of the Guardians.

The last time we talked about Clans, we forecast some crucial steps to be taken by their Founders. In the Beta, new Clan features were notably absent because our original Destiny Clans were built on tech that goes back more than a decade. The Clan and Guided Games features in Destiny 2 required us to rework some of the underlying architecture, but we will make sure the history of your beloved communities is preserved in the process.

Starting today, we’ve begun to update with this new functionality. Founding members of Clans are being called to action. It’s time to rally your troops and begin planning the migration to a new title.

To summarize again, in its current state, your Destiny Clan has been based on a Group. To benefit from the new features that Destiny 2 Clans will enjoy, the Founder of each Group will need to convert to the new Clan structure. When Destiny 2 launches, these Clans will find in-game features to manage their roster. Every member of a Destiny 2 Clan will earn rewards based on the activities of their teammates. Guided Games will enable Clans to welcome reinforcements into their Fireteams to tackle endgame activities. You’ll also find a whole suite of Clan management tools on and the Destiny mobile application.

Destiny Player Support has created a full suite of documentation for how this will work. Give it a read and begin the process of preparing your Clan for the new adventures that await. Today begins a maintenance window that will last for just under one month.

If the needs of your Group are less tactical, you can leave things as they stand today and maintain a more social emphasis that can serve a larger audience. Clans, after all, are capped at 100 members, sworn to watch each other’s backs!

Here are some dates you should be tracking:
  • July 26: Clan Management functionality goes live on
  • August 23: Deadline to choose between Group or Clan
  • September 6: Console Launch of Destiny 2

It must be said one more time that, if your Clan spans many Groups unified by an Alliance, this evolution will break some of those bonds. Our team is well aware of the communities this will effect. We’re already thinking about how we can serve those larger entities in the future. For now, we want to provide a better experience in the game for every Clan.

We’ll talk more about Clan progression, Guided Games, and the rest of the social feature sets closer to launch. For today, there is one question to ask yourself: Does the Group that you founded want to be a Clan in Destiny 2? 

If you’re not a member of a Clan, now is a great time to start shopping for one. If you’re the type of player who marches to the beat of your own drum, starting a Clan will become a much better experience August 23 on

This #Help documentation is your finest source of information. Investigate your options and read the questions we’ve answered in advance. Report to the #Help forum if you have other questions. As Clan leaders, you’ll be a very important person in the Destiny 2 community. Today, you can take your first step toward that world.
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