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Crucible Clowns = Moron Hour In Full Effect

To my chagrin I have misunderstood the fundamentals of "Control" in Crucible. Again, thank you to those who corrected me on this - particularly those of you who displayed the grace and good manners of doing so in a courteous manner. Much appreciated. I get the rush and thrill of getting the better of an opposing player - especially someone that killed you moments earlier. More power to you if you are an absolute beast when it comes to putting down the opposition. However! If you are able to do so without inciting a massacre of yourself and/or your team, please do neutralize and secure the checkpoints. They will boost the points you receive when killing members of the opposing team. From what I gather the amount of checkpoints held increase the multiplier and apply to all team members of the team that holds said checkpoints. That's as clear cut as it gets. Selfish glory hounds who only think that their precious KD score is what matters are such a goddamn waste of space. (I stand by that even in lieu of the twist on "Control"; winning is much more efficient and in practice feasible when you take time to secure the checkpoints.) Kill the enemy by all means, but help secure the checkpoints. If not then all that bad-assery at killing other players means working much harder for the same end result. This isn't about you, or me, or any one individual. It's about the *TEAM.* Yes,, different judgement calls are going to be made by each of us. We're people and we don't all think alike in a given situation. Sometimes we will get those calls right, and sometimes we will get them wrong, but at least try to make any calls with a view to benefiting not just yourself but also the team. Be as free and flamboyant an individual as you want to be *while moving to secure those checkpoints/leading the charge/covering a team mate, etc.* Quick tips for people not used to *TEAM BASED* squad tactics: 1) Move together. If you split up try to at least have a buddy system. The checkpoints are designed to be open areas with multiple approaches that results in you having your back and/or flanks exposed. A cunning opponent *WILL* use this to your detriment! 2) Rush together. Someone may well die in the process, but at least his, her, or your sacrifice is less likely to be wasted. Heck, your odds of survival increase....except for when Supers are used. Keep an eye out for those (and grenades) when clustered tightly together. 3) Firepower. This ties in with No. 1 & 2. The more concentrated firepower you can collectively come to bear against a target, the better. It means more damage delivered faster which means a dead target sooner. Failing that, you are at least providing covering fire that another team player can use to their advantage. Also, it pins down the enemy making him/her unable to be of much use elsewhere for the other team. (Like securing those match winning checkpoints.) 4) Winning. Kill the other team, and boost your team score when doing so by *securing the checkpoints*. Remember, if each team holds one checkpoint and a third is unclaimed, then you risk a tie or defeat based solely on whom kills the most. The more checkpoints your team holds, the more your boost your team score, and the faster you pull ahead to victory. 5) Run interference. (Ties in with No. 4) There is no need for four or five team members to secure one checkpoint. Even if the opposing team has all their players there. They are just being strategically unwise....that is *IF* one or two of your team members have the presence of mind to flank them and seize undefended checkpoints while the rest of your team keeps them preoccupied. Think of it as a dance - back and forth, two steps forward, one step back, twirl around then come back, etc. Rinse and repeat. 6) Seize the checkpoints. I'll state it again because it seems it needs to be overstated before some grasp this: SEIZE THE CHECKPOINTS! You do your team a big favor in doing so, and while some may claim that killing is the only thing that matters, know that there is more to strategy and tactics than running n' gunning. You help your team by securing checkpoints. You can still lose the match. I've been on both sides of that scenario in other online MMO PvP matches. It's not just about who kills the most in "Control" PvP matches (although that feeds Supers which in turn becomes a significant tactical resource); it's about who holds the most checkpoints that boost the amount of points received for kills inflicted on the opposing team. In other words: with checkpoints you need fewer kills to get to the same score compared to a team that doesn't hold them. P.S: To those who already are aware of these things and incorporates it in their Crucible matches, thank you. I for one appreciate it. To those who didn't know or hadn't realized it: well, now you do. Go fight. Go win. :-)

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