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10/2/2022 3:02:13 AM

I've been starin' at them pyramids for far too long...

Now I'm sure that alongside most of you in this neck of the forums, it's a given that we're all interested in the lore of Destiny; some moreso than others, with a small handful being borderline fanatics who'd sell their left kidney to see even the slightest bit of a nudge towards their Drifter x Eris fan fictions. Now, what does this have to do with the subject of this post? Nothing at all. This is just to say that although I'd consider myself somewhere between a medium to hardcore fan of the lore, I'm starting to question whether or not I've unknowingly become said type of fanatic. Now don't misinterpret what I said there, the topic of this post has nothing to do with Drifter and Eris. Instead, I am writing this due to a dream I had recently that's been stuck in my head for the past few days, and I thought it'd make for an interesting discussion on what we might be facing after The Final Shape expansion. Now, I don't recall anything else in this dream save for a particular scene, of which I will describe here as followed: {Atop an open-air pavilion-esque structure overlooking a forested landscape with a blue sky stretching overhead, Emperor Calus(Post-Lightfall Appearance) is to The Witness' left as Rhulk(With a dark purplish hue to his appearance which resonates with Lightfall's theme) hovers to it's right, the three all looking up towards a jumpship-sized vessel stationary overhead (the vessel's appearance being similar in structure to the customary three-pronged Awoken ship, albeit it is made from a pink and purple flesh-like substance with green eyes lining it's rim, alongside other details I can't particularly recall well), and The Witness stares at the ground dejectedly as it brings itself forth; then, upon The Witness looking up once it is directly beneath the vessel, The Witness is then killed by a translucent purple beam which subsequently shoots down from it.} Now I'm certainly no prophet when it comes to predictions, so if you believe this to be some kind of spiritual foretelling of what the end of Destiny's light & dark saga is going to look like, I highly suggest that you curb your expectations right now and get off Tumblr for a while. But even still, I think this raises an interesting possibility as to what exactly The Final Shape (The Witness' ideology, not the expansion) entails. I know that the general conception is that The Witness seeks to essentially bring all of existence to an end as to it's "Enough death, enough life." line, but do bear in mind that such a thing was never explicitly stated withinin the lore (to my understanding, at least), and was even rebuked in the Unveiling lorebook (whose narrator I assume to be Nezarec given it's use of "I" instead of "We" pronouns, as well as the "my man Oryx" line which relates to the Books of Sorrow and also falls in line with Nezarec's pyramid being on the Moon); and said line in Unveiling to which I refer is as followed: [i]"Beings who deserve no thought: Those who peddle the tired gotcha that all life hastens entropy. They are fatuous little nihilists who pretend to prefer no existence to a flawed one. They bore me."[/i] [url=]-Unveiling Lorebook: The Cambrian Explosion[/url] In addition to this, within Calus' repressed memories in Duality, he states the following as well: [i]"The Light and the Dark are threads on a loom, woven into the tapestry of the universe by those who wield it. The Witness would see things differently. The gaps between those threads. Freedom from the greater design. Freedom... for all."[/i] [url=]-12 Repressed Memories: 13:36 Timestamp.[/url] All-in-all, the point I'm trying to make here is that The Witness is seeking to achieve [i]something[/i], not [i]nothing[/i]; possibly the absolute erasure of both light and dark altogether: [b]"Enough death, enough life."[/b]. So given this, could it be possible that The Witness is looking to bring about The Final Shape in order to "protect"(for lack of a better term) the universe from an even greater threat on the horizon? Could it be possible that Calus' line in the Lightfall reveal trailer "When they see this glorious end, [b]they[/b] will come for us." isn't referencing the guardians? Although, The Witness' latter dialogue in the trailer seems to prove this theory wrong, but even still, the idea of a threat greater than The Witness isn't that far-fetched if you think about it; Bungie's gotta have something lined up following The Final Shape expansion. In one last addendum to this as well regarding Rhulk, while it is true that the darkness branches which came out of both The Caretaker and Rhulk upon their deaths were collected by us yet nuked following a sparrow accident, could there still be a possibility that Rhulk is resurrected in the coming two expansions and/or their seasons? Personally, I'd love for that to happen; Vow of The Disciple lore is some of the best we've ever gotten! But of course, we'll see in due time. So! Other than the given notion that I desperately need to go out and touch some grass, what are some of the thoughts ya'll have on this? I'd love to hear em'!

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