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The Osiris Conspiracy - Major Revelation with TTK

So, post 2 with some updates on the Osiris Conspiracy. In case you missed the last post, here is a quick list -Osiris was a Warlock -Osiris self-resurrected after his death in the Lighthouse -Brother Vance could potentially be Osiris -Osiris is blind -Osiris' real world application to the Egyptian God Osiris Now, with the Taken King, I have uncovered a lot more secrets about Osiris, his story, and his future. So, let's begin with this new revelation of posts. Contrary to this post Osiris is NOT an enemy of the Light, he's even marked under [b]Allies[/b] in Grimoire. Nothing could be more up-front.. Anyways, the Vanguard doesn't even see Osiris as an enemy. The Speaker doesn't see him as an enemy. The Speaker is actually searching for Osiris, as read in the Osiris Grimoire. He wants to hear his theories, meet him, all of that. Anyways, one of the Ghost's the Speaker had sent actually seem to have followed Osiris through a series of Vex Gates into what we know as the Black Garden, which is why we find an incomplete vision on a Dead Ghost in the Black Garden, [b]Osiris: Vision 81[/b]. Anyways, Osiris is recruiting. He wants Followers again, he wants Disciples. He believes that with the Trials he can separate the strong from the weak, who is worthy and who is unworthy, who is loyal and who is disloyal. Likely, players with the original or new Flawless emblem will be granted access to something in the coming Trials, which I believe will be this coming weekend. Here is an excerpt from Osiris: Vision 81 [quote]You loved her. How couldn't you? Listen, that's her calling... you back.[/quote] This brings a love interest into Osiris's life, likely the Isis of the story. Or, if Brother Vance is Osiris... It's his sister, Faora. This is likely why Osiris is Brother Vance, both are blind, and both have a woman in their life. Now, if we continue reading the Grimoire, Osiris's sister wants him back. He wants him to return from the Vex worlds that would take centuries for the Vanguard to travel, but since he's traveled through their gates, it takes him seconds. But, in Vision 81, it says [quote]But you know now that is where you will die.[/quote] He's being chased by the Vex. So, being the caring sister she is, Osiris's sister, Faora, tells him to go to the Reef. Seek refuge with the Awoken, where the Traveler's Light cannot find you. So he does, and goes undercover, posing as Brother Vance. [b]What drives a Warlock to madness?[/b] [quote]I don’t know where you have gone, but I can no longer send Ghosts out to find you. Some come back— with tales of your death or how you went seeking answers from the far reaches of space and time. That you found a way to explore the Vex gate networks. That you've made breakthrough after breakthrough as to their origins— theories that a Guardian could not be simulated, that the Traveler might be an ontoformer or a god-incubator, that the Vex had diverged into multiple groups in order to secure 'an end state for every possible configuration of reality'. [/quote] [b]Truth.[/b] Here is [url=]Part 2![/url] Sorry it's a little shorter but it still covers Osiris and such! Enjoy!

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