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-Desired custom game options here-

I will give a quick summary here real quick, so basically I'm making this topic a related topic to where I confirmed private matches and clan matches "aren't really a thing". So, I posted the proof that private matches aren't in the game and I got alot of feedback. [url=]With a majority definitely in support of private matches with this poll by Palindrome to back up that claim[/url], I'll just go ahead and share with Bungie what options we want in custom games. The options presented will be for a regular slayer match and not for objective. I'm not going to both going into objective game modes because Bungie will assume those options. I know an intensive custom games isn't already planned for Destiny, so I know this won't be ready at launch probably. As a *temporary* fix I would request that multiplayer game modes allow the full amount of players be able to search with. That means if the game mode is a 6 person FFA, allow 6 people in a lobby to "search" and play by themselves, not actually requiring searching for players. For control, a 12 person playlist, allow 12 people to be in a lobby and start up a matchmaking control game. This could be abused for boosting, but I think it should be used anyways as a temporary solution until Custom Games are in Destiny. Alot of you don't know but Rumble pit has this feature already and it's not used for boosting. I can't see anyone actually boosting anyways because Destiny has no ranking system. [b]Menus[/b] Game options -----Point distribution -----Weapons, abilities and vehicles ----------Ammo spawn settings ----------Vehicle Set -----Player settings ----------Base player traits ---------------Armor and defence ---------------Modifiers and damage ---------------Movement ---------------Sensors ----------Respawn settings --- Menu Details --- [b]Game options[/b] -Score to win -Time limit -Round amount -Teams (Y/N/Random/Fairest) Yes/No can be where players join their own teams, Generate random will put players in random teams at the beginning of the match, Generate fairest will calculate based on K/D ratio what the most even teams would be by finding the lowest difference in KDR. -For objective, Sudden death [i]sub-menus: Point distribution Weapons, abilities and vehicles Player settings[/i] [b]Point distribution[/b] -Kill points -Death points -Suicide points -Betrayal points -Leader kill bonus -Headshot bonus -Melee bonus -Vehicle kill bonus -Vehicle splatter bonus -Grenade bonus -Spree bonus [b]Weapons, abilities and vehicles[/b] -Weapon advantages (Y/N) similar to the way how Iron banner has weapon advantages -Primary weapon (Unchanged/Specified weapon) changing the setting from unchanged overrides the weapon players will use in the game making it more vanilla. They can select a weapon from a list of all BASIC weapon types. For example, there was 4 basic assault rifles in the beta. Shingen, Cydonia, Sahara and 1 other I forget. No exotics/legendaries would be on this list, just the basic weapons. -Secondary weapon (None/Unchanged/Specified weapon) -Heavy weapon (None/Unchanged/Specified weapon) -Grenade type (None/Unchanged/Specified grenade) -Super ability (None/Unchanged/Specified Super) -Turrets on map (Y/N) [i]sub-menus: Ammo spawn settings Vehicle set[/i] [b]Ammo spawn settings[/b] -Special ammo callouts (Y/N) Calls out special ammo 10 seconds prior to drop like Heavy ammo -Special ammo on map (Y/N) -Special ammo drop interval (time between special ammo drops) -Heavy ammo callouts (Y/N) Calls out heavy ammo 10 seconds prior to drop -Heavy ammo on map (Y/N) -Heavy ammo drop interval (time between heavy ammo drops) [b]Vehicle set[/b] -Personal sparrows (Y/N) -Interceptor (Y/N) -Pike (Y/N) -Any other vehicles we don't know about yet [b]Player settings[/b] -Team changing (Y/N) -Friendly fire (Y/N) -Betrayal booting (Y/N) -Spectating allowed (Y/N) When dead, can spectate other players on his team in 1st person/3rd person. If FFA, can view other players the same way. [i]sub-menus: -Base player traits -Respawn settings[/i] [b]Base player traits[/b] -Subclass advantages (Y/N) Disables or enables advantages gained from your subclass perks [i]sub-menus: -Armor and defence -Modifiers and damage -Movement -Sensors[/i] [b]Armor and defence[/b] -Armor rating (Unchanged/Specified defence rating) if armor rating is specified all worm armor is cosmetic and they inherit the new defence value -Intellect (Unchanged/Specified intellect) -Discipline (Unchanged/Specified discipline) -Strength (Unchanged/Specified strength) [b]Modifiers and damage[/b] -Damage modifier -Melee modifier -Infinite primary ammo (Y/N) -Infinite special ammo (Y/N) -Infinite heavy ammo (Y/N) -Super ability recharge modifier (Y/N) -Infinite super abilities -Melee recharge modifier -Infinite melees -Grenade recharge modifier -Infinite grenades [b]Movement[/b] -Player speed -Jump height -Player gravity -Vehicle use [b]Sensors[/b] -Sensor type (Directional/Precise) directional is the same "8 way" sensor you experienced during the beta, where all you see is that players are coming from a direction. Precise is where you see dots that move just like how vehicles would move and weren't directional. [url=]Click here for a picture of the difference[/url] -Sensor Range [b]Respawn settings[/b] -Lives per round -Respawn time -Suicide penalty -Betrayal penalty -Synchronize with team -Spawn protection

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