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12/10/2014 8:24:38 PM


This is kind of a only slightly formed idea. I was thinking today that it'd be really cool to have raids that have so many more parts and instead of resetting weekly it'd be monthly. These would be called expeditions. In which your team enters with a end goal of maybe finding something or killing an enemy(like the raid) but on a much larger scale. For comparison something like an LoZ OOT dungeon but on steroids. I think it would be really cool to just have a massive dungeon in which instead of having it be linear have multiple paths. Have loot hidden all over the place. Make it big enough where you could actually get lost. Something that has a sense of exploration along with killing baddies. I love the raids but I feel like there to linear to give a sense of exploration. Though I would not like to see the raids changed so I propose it be called an expedition maybe even make the max player team in above 6 or that you can meet other fire teams in there cause there's just so much stuff and paths. Anyone else think it'd be cool? Or dumb I'm up for constructive criticism!

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