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Bearbeitet von Believe in Jaco: 3/23/2015 6:03:19 PM

Petition to make The Stranger's Rifle upgradeable to legendary status

For those who love the strangers rifle; let's get some chatter going on! The thing is a beast in PvP and it got shafted by Bungie, which is unfortunate. My solution to upgrade from Rare status to Legendary. This would benefit newer players, as they have a way to work toward their first legendary. You first need to level up the gun entirely, then one new node will be unlocked. This node would require something like 750 glimmer and 3-6 ascendent materials. Another method I thought of was a quest. To earn this quest, you would first need to upgrade the weapon completely. The quest could be as follows: 1. Beat The Black Garden Story Mission with the Heroic Modifier 2. Earn 25 Headshots in the Crucible 3. Dismantle 5 rare or higher Pulse Rifles 4. Complete The Nexus Strike (A special lvl 19 strike, similar to the thorn bounty) Here are the perks. The ones in bold, are some that I thought of. Strangers Rifle Legendary 1. Smooth Ballistics 1. Accurized Ballistics 1. Smart Drift Control 2. Full Auto 3. Upgrade Damage 4. Perfect Balance 4. [b]Equalizer [/b](Precision Kills feed this weapon reserve ammo) 4. Speed Reload 5. Third Eye/Luck in the Chamber/[b]Vex Disruptor[/b] (An upgrade that prevents nearby vex from teleporting) All you have to do is like the post and approve this message : )

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