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11/19/2014 5:02:52 PM

EV30 Tumbler master race...

I'll go ahead and be the first to say it:[b]Timebreakers have been rendered obsolete by Tumblers[/b].Face it,Timebreakers are just as Tumblers, but Tumblers are too much cooler.That trail already is cool enough,don't get me started on the awesome decals that the Tumbler gets.You absolutely cannot beat the nostalgic hot wheels flames,that also complements the badass tricks you can do with the barrel rolls and flips.Everyone that didn't get a Tumbler is a jellyfish that's stuck with a useless and dumb Timebreaker that can't look as cool as the Tumbler master race.Timebreakers are officially stupid and obsolete with Tumblers being the All-Time successors that will never be beaten as they are the best and will always be the best sparrows.The Tumbler master race is the coolest and most sought for sparrow ever that makes everyone who doesn't have it, [b]a jellyfish[/b] [spoiler]Lol jk,you knew this post was coming sometime so I made one too[/spoiler]

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