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9/27/2014 9:13:11 PM

Feature Request: Exotic Limits and Equipment Profiles

Dear Bungie, Now that I've accrued quite a bit of gear, including multiple exotic weapons in multiple slots (primary, special, heavy), I find myself wanting to change my equipment on the fly relatively quickly in order to handle whatever situation is being thrown at me. This is standard practice for most players based on the shielding mechanic of more powerful baddies. This is becoming more of a chore these days though, because when I want to equip my exotic solar sniper rifle, I also need to remove my exotic auto rifle because of the "One Exotic Weapon At A Time" rule. I'm fine with paying the ammo penalty, and have learned to be smart about this with careful ammo management and timely synthesis usage. I have two suggestions to fix this: 1. Remove the one exotic at a time rule. Why is this artificial limit in place? I worked hard to earn these weapons through bounties and clearing weekly nightfalls, why am I then forced to only choose one to use? If the thought is they are too powerful to use together, why am I allowed to switch weapons at all during a mission or strike? The ammo penalty of switching is easily dealt with, so this arbitrary limit does nothing except frustrate the player. OR 2. Give us configurable equipment profiles for fast switching purposes. If I want to go from Striker Titan with my exotic auto rifle and exotic helmet that benefits my striker abilities to my Defender Titan with my exotic sniper rifle and exotic chest that I use for max defense and emergency rezzing my fireteam members, I should be able to do so quickly without slowly poking around in menus. This could be easily done in two simple button presses. When I summon my Ghost, there are generally only a few options available. Go to orbit, summon vehicle, or leave fireteam. This leaves plenty of available buttons that could be assigned to equipment profiles to allow fast switching. Summon ghost, smack L2 or whatever, boom, instant flip to defense mode. When the situation has stabilized and it is time for offense again, summon ghost, smack R2 or whatever, boom, back to my offensive profile. Also, on a different but related note, why is there the ammo penalty when switching weapons when in most activities in the game if you simply run yourself completely out of ammo it regens automatically for you after a short amount of time? Ammo penalty in a raid, sure, I get it. But out in normal strikes or weeklys? This is not consistent design. Thanks for listening!

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