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9/19/2014 4:10:06 AM

I want to get this game.......

.....but I'm torn. Because there is no PC version. So I can either fork over $400/$500 + $60 for Destiny + an Xbox One/PS4 (probably Xbox One), or spend the $60 to get the markedly inferior Xbox 360 or PS3 version. And dropping that $400 on a new console next month means I can't use it to get a new GPU for my PC (for Warlords of Draenor, Witcher 3 etc.). Its not like trading things to lower the cost will help much; since my PS3 isn't worth that much, and there are still games I want to play/finish on the 360 (Dead or Alive 5, Lightning Returns, Dead Space 3, SC: Blacklist etc.) Why no PC love Bungie? Destiny seems like it would've been the perfect PC game.

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