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What should be added to improve the Destiny experience?

I enjoyed my overall experience with the Beta, although I think that some minimal improvements can make the game stand out even more. Few have been mentioned but I would like Bungie to take the time and review the feedback it is getting from its fans. Some things I felt lacked from my experience in the Beta mainly revolved around 3 things. One being; The character creator was a lot under populated with options than what I expected. Facial hair, skin defects or some accessories should be included more when creating your Guardian. Although there is a large choice, it still feels generic and I did see a few people who looked the same. Second; The tower for the Guardians is supposed to be the central hub for all players, I felt that the landscape of this area was very linear and had no interesting areas to explore. There should be social spots such as bars, meeting/ common rooms, guild houses, etc. I think this would make the tower a place worth spending more time and would make a good location to meet up with fire teams or new players. At the moment it seems that more people enjoyed jumping off the balcony for entertainment. Third is some more skills that could make the classes stand apart from each other more, like have the Hunter assassinate a target like in Reach when you melee from behind, or the Titan showing brute strength, etc.At the moment there isn't much difference between them until you unlock skills at a higher level. I know this is a long post and more work is yet to be done to the game, but I would I think these small additions will help the game stand the test of time.

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