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7/28/2014 3:53:13 PM

As the Beta closes

The beta is now closed for the world leaving us on the brink of the edge. Most of us here in REC will be experiencing Destiny binge withdrawals. I know I will but I'm satisfying them with Skyrim. The real countdown begins now. There's little over a month left until September 9th and that only means we're one step closer to our adopted drug's return. Only this time, it's going to be a larger dosage that may or may not cause the following: -Epileptic seizures of the Cornea -Profuse babbling -Bleeding eyes -Speaking in tongues -Excessive snack hoarding -Lack of sleep -Insomnia -Destiny filled dreams. I can live with a few of those. When the official release is upon us, Fire-team REC will be ready willing and able to lend a hand for people that need it. We didn't spend all our time just gawking over the looks of the game and how much we played. (It's already beautiful on a 360 and tube tv.) We'll have a few posts later on as well at that time too. They'll help you out. Until next Guardians! [spoiler]The Beta was only a mere glimpse of the beginning.[/spoiler]

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