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7/20/2014 2:46:31 AM

No weapon (and armour) level in item stats?

Not sure if I've gone blind but I can't see the weapon level in the stats once a character has met the level requirement. Which means if I am to drop a weapon in the vault for a lower level char, there is no way to tell if that char can use it until I log in as that char, go all the way to the vault, then only to find I can't use it for another few levels. I currently have 3 chars at different levels and it is a massive pain to swap weapons even this early in the game and the level is capped at 8. Or even if I want to compare different types of weapons in the same category on one character. Sure I can tell the damage difference but unless all guns do the same damage at the same level, I can't tell if I'm using a level 5 gun or a level 8 one. The same goes to the armours as well. So if I'm missing something can somebody please point me in the right direction, otherwise Bungie please consider implementing this in the final release. Thanks!

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