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5/27/2024 1:49:54 AM

color blind settings for the maps and raids

as a colorblind person, some of the changes being done to the settings in the game are rendering my colorblind settings useless in certain raids and areas. i cant raid anymore because half the maps have areas that i cant see due to being so colorblind i cant discern the areas. if there are taken, i cant see if they hit me with the shadow blast. i cant see in the taken realm at all, i cant see certain areas of the maps and certain other maps for gambit crucible and vanguard i have to bail because i cant see the maps or they are maps i know i cant see on. and i get penalized for that. during season of the witch the colorblind settings were working fine for the maps but for some reason after that they just stopped working. its frustrating because with final shape right around the corner im worried about the same issue happening and id like to be able to raid again or at least be able to see my maps. ive never had an issue with destiny and my colorblind settings until now. any other game ive ever played has managed to fix it pretty quick whether through a hotfix or during scheduled maintenance and its frustrating that i cant raid with my friends much this season because i cant see the maps and all. really hope that bungie fixes it soon. i do like the game but im a little frustrated that my settings dont extend to the map anymore :/

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