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5/6/2024 3:53:08 PM

Exotic Titan Chest Piece

[i]A Titan shares their story from the Red War…[/i] During the Red War, I got separated from my fireteam because I went off to save a group of civilians. I held my own with my Sweet Business and Actium War Rig duo. But there were just too many of them. The Cabal were relentless, they hunted us down and cornered us. I fought hard but they beat me down and brought me to my knees. They made me watch as they gunned down and slaughtered the civilians I tried to protect…War beasts came to feast and fill their bellies. A pair of gladiators beat me from behind destroying the Auto-Loading Link System on my War Rig. I fell to the ground and my Sweet Business slid out in front of me. I reached for it but couldn’t muster the strength. A Centurion walked up to me, bent down and grabbed my precious Auto rifle. He examined it and wondered how such a puny weapon could be so lethal. He threw it on the ground and stomped on it, snapping it like a twig. I screamed in anger. They made a big mistake and they would regret that. The Centurion grabbed me by my left arm and lifted me up until we were face to face. He roared back at me proving his dominance. He threw me to the two gladiators and they dragged me to one of their prisoner cells. They threw me to the ground and along with my broken Sweet Business. I laid there lifeless, completely defeated. Without my Ghost I blacked out and slipped into a deep slumber. I’m not sure how much time went by, coulda been hours or a couple days, I’m not sure…but I woke up to an Elksini Vandal who now shared the cell with me. In these moments of imprisonment, we weren’t enemies or adversaries but allies. My new Vandal friend offered me some Ether. I denied the Elksini potion and drifted off again. I was constantly in and out of sleep. I think my Vandal friend knew that the key to our survival would be to get me back on my feet. Might turn the odds back in our favour if we wanted to escape this prison. I woke up again and found him tinkering away, those scavenger instincts kicked in 10 fold especially with our lives on the line. My broken War Rig he modded it. My snapped in pieces Sweet Business he rearranged it. I’m not sure how but he made them one. I sat up, and my back side felt slightly heavier than usually. I looked to my left and saw it in the orange reflection of the Cabal cell energy shield. That resourceful little Elksini retrofitted my Sweet Business onto my Actium War Rig. He also handed me a Cerburus+1. He must’ve gotten it off a fallen Guardian along the way. Through the magic of exotic weapons and armour or the Travellers luck, it seemed that my precision hits generated ammo for my Sweet Business, which now operated like a Sentry Turret. “That’s quite the story there Titan. Guess those Elksini ain’t as bad as we think huh? Seems like you two made a real bond in that cell. A bond of survival and redemption. So how did ya get out of that cell?” Banshee asked quizzically. A trio of Legionaries came to drop off some civilians they must have found hiding in a building nearby. My Sweet Business kicked into action and made short work of them. Saved those civilians. I didn’t get a crack at Centurion though. “Hmm..and your Elksini pal..what happened to him?” He disappeared after we escaped and I never saw him again. Exotic Titan Chest for Cerberus+1 [b]Name: Hyperion+1[/b] Modified Sweet Business onto Actium War Rig Intrinsic Perk Back in Business: Precision hits with Cerberus+1 generate ammo for modified Sweet Business, up to a magazine of 90 rounds. Holding reload and zoom activates Sweet Business auto sentry mode which shoots enemies who are in close proximity.

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