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Bearbeitet von A Kush Wookiee: 4/24/2024 8:55:29 PM

Small community looking to fill 10-20 slots ASAP with active players before the launch of The Final Shape.

PvE Focused Endgame Community Discord Required - Mic Required All Platforms (Xbox/PC/Playstation) What we are: - A small group of friends that enjoy most Endgame PvE related content in Destiny 2, and other games beyond. - Players with experience in the more challenging side of activities that can provide insight or knowledge on how to buildcraft yourself better in game to achieve your goals. - A place where you can share your excitement, enjoyment & love of the game with others like yourself as Destiny 2 comes to it's 'Final' chapter in this saga. Truly, I am just looking to find other active players who will be online every week going into The Final Shape, and beyond, looking to build prosperous friendships with those you meet here, all while enjoying the game at the same time! I am personally online most every day & available to help when I can and would enjoy making some new friends! Having a fun and active community to enjoy the game with is half of the true D2 experience, don't get stuck using LFG all the time. If you are truly interested in joining us while we are in the rebuilding process, please send a request and I will reach out personally to discuss the recruitment process. Cheers! 🙂

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