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[18+ UK/EU/NA] Forby Lovers are recruiting end-game players for ITL/TFS

FORBY LOVERS are an endgame PVE clan formed by a group of friends, that are interested in running endgame content like raids (lowmans, speedruns, contests, titles) grandmaster nightfalls and other PVE content at their own pace. We have remodelled our requirements to join and now welcome players of all skill levels, who enjoy endgame PVE content. [quote][b]WHAT WE OFFER[/b][/quote] • A small community created by players who run endgame content. • Give and receive build and loadout advice from likeminded players, as well as assist new/returning players in their ambitions to become an endgame player. • A guide forum with several categories including raid and triumphs, seasonal guides, holiday event guides and other tips and strategies by trusted members of the Destiny 2 community, compiled into easy-to-navigate channels. • Weekly scheduled raid events with Charlemagne's Discord bot. • Off-topic channels including IRL, other games well-liked by the community and a music lounge to jam out to your favourite tunes with fellow clan members. • Play at your own pace, we do not ask of any activity requirements to stay within the clan. [quote][b]REQUIREMENTS[/b][/quote] • [b]Endgame PVE enthusiasm:[/b] Be involved with the raids, dungeons, seasonal content, grandmasters and other PVE content within the game. • [b]Discord:[/b] All of our members are required to join our Discord server (access granted upon becoming a clan member), to communicate with one another. • [b]DLC:[/b] All members must have access to all the current DLC to be able to play with other clan members. [quote][b]HOW TO JOIN?[/b][/quote] • Send a request to our clan through Bungie: • Wait for an admin to message Discord link

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