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4/16/2024 10:45:09 PM

Mountaintop PVP feedback

Don’t come at me with pitchforks, it’s just an observation I noticed that the damage in PvP is…. Abysmal. I figured it wouldn’t one shot with what was said during bungies livestream, and that’s fine. But, like… it’s doing a LOT less than fighting lion, which is a primary GL. I feel like with all of the new weapons and abilities, this current mountain top feels like a waste of time to even bother with in PvP. You’d be actively throwing. It could even be a primary ammo GL and it still wouldn’t matter. This current mountaintop just feels like a tool for speed runners and new ways for warlocks with heat rises to cheese things. I think they could increase the damage on it a little in PvP. I really don’t think this gun would be breaking the sandbox with the state of the game as it is. Not to one shot, but at least doing more damage than fighting lion, lol. Otherwise, it really was kind of dumb to bring back. Look at recluse. A bunch of people feel like it’s lacking behind funnel web. This is that, but much worse. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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