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Clan Recruitment - The Bonk Lords [AU/NZ]

Hello fellow Guardians! Are you a new player with no idea what to do looking for friendly people to show you the ropes, a loner Guardian wanting to give high-end content a crack but have noone to try it with, or just looking for friends to chill out with in the Tower? The Bonk Lords are looking for more like-minded Guardians based in the OCE region to enjoy Destiny 2 with for just that! Mainly here to just have fun and cause some mischief, we are also eager to give Raids and Grandmasters a go without being yelled at or told to 'git gud', to learn the mechanics of the game in an easy-going environment. Although we do have a Discord server, it is not a requirement for joining. If you're interested, pop on over to our clan page and apply!
#fun #Clans #PvP #pve

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