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4/13/2024 11:35:12 PM

POA recruiting. Come find you’re new home in Destiny

We are Paragons of Abbadon. •21+ mature members. •Non-toxic clan. •Social, active, and friendly. •Accept people from all over the world, but are primarily US and Canada •LGBTQ+ inclusive. We are a clan that's looking to recruit active players and liven our community back up with fresh names and personalities. We have a variety of players with diverse skill sets willing to assist, teach, and hang out. We are a relaxed community who's goal is to find friends who want to stay weird and laugh until you cry... Maybe play the game as well but fun comes first. If you’re looking for a place to meet like minded people who want to learn and make destiny the social experience it was originally intended to be look no further. we do; -Raids (sometimes masters) -Dungeons (sometimes masters) -Onslaught farming (maybe legend, gotta get that hype up) -Iron Banner -Gms/Nightfalls -Title challenges -Build feedback and Fashion shows -occasional clan drunk PVP nights with custom modifiers We will be doing; -onslaught farming -more focused farming of dungeons and raids -finishing up this years content challenges to get as much as this year had to offer. comment below or request to join the clan with the link below and I'll reach out with the discord link to your bungie account so check back after requesting. Takes less than 24 hours for me to respond. If you’re not in the discord server a week after being accepted you’ll be removed from clan. Just message back and we can repeat the process lol. Clan URL:

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