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4/4/2024 9:04:45 PM

Bungie ID issue

My bungie ID shows as created in 2021 which is incorrect. It has caused a loss of emblems, possibly more. I've been playing the game since its launch so I'm curious to know what happened to the bungie account prior to this one's creation date and nobody has a clue what I'm talking about or how to rectify. My bungie ID has always been associated with my PlayStation account and I still have emails from the bungie store prior to 2021 which has some of the missing emblems in question. Am I just SOL in this case? I realize it's not a major deal but one of those emblems was the Hellspawn which required a purchase of a Macfarlane figure and cannot redeem the code again. The other was sunset echoes which can't be unlocked any longer.

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