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4/2/2024 9:47:42 AM

Can't connect to Destiny 2 servers at all

Today suddenly I just can't enter the game at all: when entering the first time the "Centipede" error code pops up, after the retry game letting me go to character selection screen, but after choosing a char I'm immediately get "Weasel" error code. I'm already contacted my local provider and together by using PingPlotter and other tech stuff the provider support told me that they don't block anything on their side and their services are working perfectly fine, however while tracing one of the IPs that game tries to connect to we could see that starting from some Microsoft owned IPs the packets get completely lost. I wish and can give more info about my problem but that info contains a lot of personal info and I don't want to share it on an open forum, so I'm hoping for real Bungie support to answer, so I can directly send them all what can help diagnose the problem.

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