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3/21/2024 7:52:18 PM

ALFA is looking for new members to join its chill family. We help with endgame stuff!

All Light Fades Away (ALFA) welcomes you. Thanks for taking the time to read this! We are a small group of friends who play Destiny and help each other out. We will gladly show you the ropes if you're a new light or just a returning player that has skipped a few seasons *Stares at LightFall*. We all have our weird personalities but we make it work and most importantly we make sure that all of our members are treated fair, taken care of and that everyone has fun. If this sounds appealing to you come help us build the community where we all matter and not left behind. Now for the good stuff! We raid at least twice a week and we have people who sherpa these runs, ain't that neat! They are so welcoming and understanding, you will feel comfortable asking any question you have about the raid. We vote on the raids we want to run at reset for that week, your voice matters. Dungeon runs happen on the fly but we also have sherpas for them too! If you need help working on seals for them, there's always someone willing to jump on and help. Not a Conqueror yet? No problem! Grandmasters are an experience we wish every guardian to experience. We run Grandmasters for that sweet sweet loot and we explain along the way as well. We even have a builds section for every class if you're ready to become a conqueror holder in the future. If you not going to talk, interact or get along the rest of the members this is probably not the best fit for you. Joining Discord is a must, we like to communicate and we help out if you're not sure on how to use it. PS. We also are looking for more Sherpas, so feel free to apply once you're in our discord server.

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